We all know that Sugar is poison for teeth and arteries. And it's not at all that easy for humans to quit using sugar. It's about time to look towards the healthy alternative........

Paraguaians have been using Stevia leaves for over 500 years to sweeten food. This natural sweetener contains no calories and doesn't affect the teeth at all. The european sale of this natural sweetener has been allowed since the 28th of November 2011. As a result, Coca-Cola announced plans of making use of this sweetener. Eventually the value of Stevia stocks e.g. Pure Circle and Sunwin, rose. The EFSA has certifide that Stevia neither causes cancer nor is it toxic to genes. It also does not affect fertility. The Stevia plant is considered by it's supporters to be healthier than sugar because of it's enormous sweetening strength.

Stevia now sweetens jogurt, müsli, drinks, chocolate, etc. Stevia has no calories and does not produce caries in comparison to cane sugar. Coca-Cola of France regarded Europe's new course as a totally significant commercial break-through. (n-tv.de, 13.01.2012)

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